Our new CD, Thanamattapoeia: The Jazz Poetry Ensemble and Edward “Kidd” Jordan Live at Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music is now on sale. It is available at Natalie’s and online, most notably at cdbaby. Greg Ward’s mastering is incredible, so we highly recommend getting the CD for the best quality. Our 2006 CD, Freedom is a Constant Struggle, is also available there.

Our collaborations with “Kidd” Jordan have been massive amounts of fun and even more massive amounts of great music. He will be back for next year’s Hot Times Kate Schulte Tribute. Working with Hamiet Bluiett on the 2015 Tribute was so much fun, he’s coming back next year as well.

We are excited about the coming year. We’ve been working hard on original music for our pieces. We love our new repertoire. Health issues prevent us from scheduling any dates in the near term, but look for us in the spring.

We have also been working on video jazz-poems. Talented directors Al Laus and Monte Sanborn each bring their considerable talent and unique visions to our work. Monte’s version of Whooooo R U is now available online.

Stay tuned.