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“An immaculate portrait, recorded impeccably … features some of Columbus’ best players lighting up and growing wings in the presence of one of the true legends of American music, Edward “Kidd” Jordan.

…Burleson’s spiky string bending … like lightning connecting Jordan’s heavens with the earthy foundation of Roger Hines’ bass and Roger Myers’ drums … Thamamattapoeia …  a poem of loss, thanatosis and the articulation of sound with a reach wide enough to hold the world.

… the delightful “Marlene Dietrich and James Earl Jones in ‘Black Casablanca.’” opens with a grinding swagger then turns into something darker, shadowy and chaotic…. “

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Culture Jazz
Le jazz tisse sa toile...

The first mention of our CD, Thanamattapoeia. From France. Translation courtesy Flo Gouvrit.

This CD, that come to us directly from Ohio, allows us to discover the Jazz Poetry Ensemble whose website is titled “Make Jazz, Not War!” We adhere! This group was born after 1985, following a request from Allen Ginsberg to Michael Vander Does (trombonist and poet). During this 2014 concert, they invited the New Orléans saxophonist Edward ” Kidd ” Jordan (born 1935) for a fairly free conversation around the texts performed by Michael Vander Does to boost the group’s musical dynamics. Spirit of jazz , you’re really there!

If you want to read it in French, there are links to the various albums at the top of the page. We’re way down, so the link will save you some trouble.